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About Us

Our company makes BBQ sauce, BBQ chips(pickles) and meat rub. We began making BBQ sauce in 1994.  Our first venture was to make BBQ for our local high school band. It was such a big hit we began selling BBQ sauce at craft shows.  Finally in 2006, we decided to build a commercial kitchen and began producing BBQ sauce in greater quantities. Our customers tell us the BBQ sauce "is the best they
have ever tasted" and "it can be eaten on anything!"  We then developed a BBQ pickle to be eaten on BBQ sandwiches and right out of the jar!  In a very short time these pickles have become our best seller. Customers say our pickles (BBQ chips) "are delicious, a delight to the mouth, and I can't stay out of them! "In short they're awesome nothing else like them.  We also have a delicious meat
rub (a meat finishing seasoning).  It is excellent for all types of smoked slow cooked meats.  
Products can be found at the following locations

KOA - Foss/Clinton/ElkCity, OK
Oakwood Pool and Spa - Enid, OK
Hometown Bulk Foods - Fairview, OK
Kidd Drug and Health Mart - Fairview, OK
Richard`s Food Store - Ringwood, OK
Pink Orchid - Woodward, OK
The Plant Place - Watonga, OK





From the Woods
2004 Commerce St. S-2
Fairview, OK 73737

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